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Writer's Block: Best movie of the year
nubes ciudad
What is the best movie of 2010?

I'll have to say Inception in the normal circuit, it is really well done and it actually has things to stuck your mind with. I enjoyed the rythm os Social Network because hell it is a movie all about dialog that feels pretty fast. It manages to give me a good impression of Garfield (Who looks and acts completely different than in Parnassus) previous to Spiderman.

Yeah guys I do not know about movies ok? I decided I had no interest in seeing precious though Hurt Locker was nice.

You see the best fun moment in the year for me was KickAss all the heroes references and the Bad Reputation-No power scenes were awesome, yet it is not the best movie and I know.

I happen to have enjoyed Tron Legacy a lot, but hell I will never know how it could have been without the Biggest soundtrack of the year...because for me that is precisely what it has...and that makes it wickin cool.


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